CSN Services:

The CSN Service Centers provide the following primary services:

Return Logistics CSN Programs are flexible and customized for every customer. We provide the highest level of customer service and expertise that the customer demands. We handle pick up requests from one container to a truckload of used containers. Our service lead-time is 48 hours from point of contact.  CSN Service Centers are strategically located near large industrial centers, which allow us to provide the lowest costs of retrieving your containers from the field.

Recycling CSN Service Centers provide recycling options meeting all Local, State, and Federal regulations for containers made from paper, plastic, and steel.  The container can either be recycled or re-used depending on the previous contents of the container and the condition of the container itself.  It is our goal to eliminate sending any material to landfills as a final destination.  We can select a service center to handle any of your recycling needs.

Reconditioning The highest economical benefit to our customers is to recondition and return the container to the filler for re-use.  CSN has strategic alliances with new container manufacturers to provide replacement containers upon customer requests. All of the CSN Service Centers follow strict environmental regulations established by CSN, which also adhere to all applicable US EPA, US Department of Transportation, and United Nations protocols. Standard operating procedures (SOPs) vary from site to site considering each service center is independently owned. The SOPs for the specific service center that is processing your containers is available upon request.